Updates on My Game (idk it doesn’t have a name yet)



Ok now we’re definitely not changing it. It’s Phoenix. And it will always be Phoenix.


So I think I finished designs for almost all the characters. That’s good. And Happy Holidays.


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I forgot yesterday, sorry.
So some news.
•I got my own laptop for Christmas but that also means I have to redo all of the sprites.
•Got a Wacom drawing tablet so I guess I can make are but not for awhile cause I’m not that good at it.
•Did our logo. Not for the game but for our company.
So that’s all. I’m only saying stuff that I confirmed with my friends cause I don’t want to say something and not have to happen. I have other ideas but need to ask them about them. I hope you had a good holiday season and happy new year.


Happy new year to you too! Isn´t there any way to transfer the sprites though?


I don’t think so. The editor im using is on steam and I am using the same steam account, and I did have my ICloud account hooked up on my family’s computer and on my new one. I didn’t actually have all that many done, and a lot of them we were going to redo anyways. The ones I do have are really simple so it not that big of a deal.


Wow the game still doesn’t have a name. Feel free to suggest names cause we have nothing.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people well that was definitely a week. Most of the updates aren’t related to the game itself but I’ll talk about them anyways.
•Were making a trailer for our YouTube channel. Before you get excited it’s only about the channel and nothing on the game :/.
•Did something with the story that just came from a Deltarune theory. We still might not do it. I’m not going to say it but we’re definitely not doing it if it does if first. Also we’re jsut trying to be a least a little different soooo yeah. It has no relation to Deltarune unless it actually does happen in the game in that case (like I said) were not doing it.
•Finnished all characters but one, bjrnneed to work o the designs for a few.
That’s all. I really have nothing else to say except I hope you have a nice week.


That’s seems really cool!

Could I be tagged for these updates?


Sure! I said in a previous post, anyone can be in it.


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So we’re back :). We actually did stuff this time… so that’s good. I’m also going to include stuff unrelated to the game in anyway at the end (separate, of corse) so if you care, it’s there.
1)We added personality and depth to the characters.
2)It’s not based off the Deltarune thing anymore… I think. I never really knew if it was going to but we went in a different direction so there’s a good chance we can’t do it if we even wanted to :/.
3)We have someone to test the game when it’s finished. There technically on the team, but doesn’t know anything about characters, story, etc.
4)were probably going to take the sparing/killing aspect out for half of the characters. All main characters (aside from this one character Lio) can be fought but not killed. Depending on how much you attacked them changes how much they like you can how much they are willing to help you. Leader characters can still be killed.

Unrelated stuff:

•Got the game OneShot and everyone should play this underrated masterpiece.
•Me and my friends realize that we could make anything for our game cannon and so now I feel like I’m powerful.

Have a nice weekend.


That’s so cool!!

I can’t wait for it to be finished


I also can´t wait! The game will surely turn out awesome.


Thanks :). I just hope it can live up to expectations lol.


Oh hey we figured out a name but I can’t edit the topic :/. Well I don’t care I kinda want to the topic to stay this way. It really shows how professional we are


So we practically finished the main story :). Kinda sad, though. It was really fun to work on.


Due to the fact I cannot make a sprite for a character, we need to redo there design. I was so close to being done with base sprites but I just can’t do this one. So we have to redesign it :/. That would be fine if we had any ideas. For the life of us we can’t think of anything. Well, we’ll work it out eventually.


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Hey. Another week where we we’re semi productive and not just sitting around talking about unrelated stuff (though we did a lot of that to).

1)I’ve finished sprites for the front and back of almost all main characters but 2. One of them I can’t figure out a way to make it work and the other one I just haven’t gotten around to doing.
2)Now were probably using Unity. Only because we can’t find any good C# IDE’s for making games. If you know any, please tell us!
3)Some more character development. We should probably focus on making the game and not doing useless head cannons for all the characters…

Unrelated stuff

•I made a Ralsei figure out of polymer clay.
•I can basically play all of “Once Upon a Time”on piano. I can’t play any real music on piano, only video game music.

            *(Sorta) an update*

So that character design we said were changing? Yeah, we’re not changing it. We cannot see the character any other way so we can’t bring ourselves to change it. The sprite is going to stink so sorry about that!



Fearless is regular so I can get them to get on and edit the topic title.
What would you like them to change it to? (If you want it changed, that is)


Oh, it’s ok. For now, it’s ok as it is. I’ll make sure to ask when I want it changed, though.