Updates on My Game (idk it doesn’t have a name yet)



@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people Hey! Another update. I’ve lost track of how many I’ve done to be honest. So I got nothing done this week. That’s probably not a surprise though. I’m still going to lost the things we did, so yeah.
•We got the name for our studio. We’re called Font. Yes Font. As in what you use when your typing. We were bored at gym class and had nothing to do.
•More character names ٩( ᐛ )و. One of them is the Swahili word for Bread (according to google translate at least).
•We planed our how an area is going to go.

So that’s all we got done :/. See you next week I guess.


See you next week and good luck with this!


Hey. This is the official account for [Font]. So I might do updates on this account but it might just die :p.


Hey this is the account for the game team. Might end up being shared by 2 people, but right now it’s just me, @Potato_Pikachu !


Sorry if there are 2 posts I’m impatient and didn’t know the other one was still waiting :p.


I’m just doing this to see if I can post without having to be approved so hi.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people
Sorry were a day late:/. Some stuff happened so let’s go.
•Figured our how we’re going to make the rhythm based battles work
•Turns out I have a digital piano so we’re even closer to being able to make music

Those are just some small updates and now I need to make a poll-
So In the game (similar to Utand Dt) you can spare or kill. Depending on who you kill and how many people you do may give you some extra bosses but the ending is the same for the most part. Also you have to do more stuff than acting to be able to spare your opponent. Do you feel just because you can spare or kill makes this game to much like Undertale?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t feel so but other people may
  • could go either way

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I have no idea, really, as I’ve only heard of Undertale and seen some photos.


@William04GamerA I’ll try to explain the fighting system. In the game you have 4 options- Fight, Act, Item, and Mercy. Fight is what it sounds like- you attack. It’s timing based, but is the same every time. Act let’s you do different things to the opponent. If you do the correct acts, you can spare the opponent. Items let you heal or you can equip a weapon. Mercy let’s you Spare or Run away. Depending on who you kill and how many people you do kill will heavily effect your ending. There are 3 different endings (pacifist, Neutral, And Genocide) are very different. Pacifist happens when you kill no one, Neutral happens when you kill some and spare some, and genocide happens when you kill everything. Neutral has a lot of branches to the ending. Also Genocide is commonly mixed up with no mercy Neutral. In Genocide you have to look for stuff to kill and kill everything and in a no mercy run you just kill everyone you encounter. Each route has 1 or 2 bosses unique to that route. For our game we’re doing it where you CAN spare or kill (cause I really like the idea of more free will) but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. You do get unique bosses if you kill certain people. Say you killed someone’s little brother in the game you’ll fight her later, but if you kill everyone but that character, they really won’t care. You will always get a happy ending, but the other characters may not. Everyone has there own intentions and sometimes you might not even have to fight certain characters unless you want to. There are other differences but it would be hard to explain.


If there are two options in your game and four options in Undertale, I don’t think that it would be too much of a problem. But I might not be the right person to judge this.


Well another thing I forgot to mention is that in our game you have different attacks but in Undertale you have one attack and that’s it(though you can get other weapons that make you stronger).


Then, I don´t think that your game would be considered as an Undertale clone. But ask other people than me!


Ok. A lot of people are going to see that you have a choice between sparing and killing and they will instantly think it’s ripping off undertale. But considering people say Cave Story (a game from 2004) ripped off Undertale(a game from 2015) I’m pretty sure people are going to say it no matter what.


You should be fine. As long as it isn’t too similar to the system in undertale, I doubt anyone will care.


Maybe a poll and tagging a mass tag list would do?


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people Well now we’re a day early.
•Some characters and aspects of the game have to be completely reworked. One character (the cat one) had to have its entire design changed for being to similar to Sasuke from Kero Blaster. Other things like how the two worlds are connected(or if there are even two worlds) also have to be reworked because there to similar to concepts from other games.
•I may have to redo all the games sprites cause there to simple and I can’t show as much emotion as I would like with what I have.
•Me and my friend both decided that we don’t want to use Unity, but will have to if we can’t find another good C# engine.

So now for the reason we’re a day early. We still need 2 character designs. I have one of them in mind, but for a fire area (witch is one of the things we will not cut cause the leader character in the area we love.) we have nothing. Actually it’s funny cause the fire area is the area were having the most trouble with. First we had to change the leaders name to avoid controversy, this, and now we ALSO have to change the leaders design… So we need a main character design. I’m not saying for people to do it all for us (though if you want to you can) but if you have any ideas, we would be glad to here them. Yes, we would give credit. The only rule we have is that the character can not be human, but has to be humanoid. Thanks if you contribute anything:).


Also having to change the cat really made me sad cause he was like my favorite design I did, even if he was just a bootleg Sasuke. whY dId I gROw ATtached tO yoU BooTleg saSuKe…wHy…


I’d love to do a character concept for your game, but I am super busy right now.


Ok so another update. We’re keeping the cat design cause we don’t care if people say were ripping off the character cause we’re not trying to and we don’t really think we are (i don’t know Sasuke’s personalty cause I’ve never played Kero Blaster). And now we think we’re probably going to do a character inspired by a Phoenix for the fire area, cause F i r e B i r d. The ghost area were still on the fence in what to use, though.


That’s gonna be pretty sic.
That Phoenix probably wasn’t me but still, don’t bust my bubble lol