Updates on My Game (idk it doesn’t have a name yet)



yknow what i’ll go ahead and make an unlisted video for the demo since i’m the king of unlisted videos


Yes. And they are very useful.


yes so are mine we are very alike


so fangamer is making a ralsei plush?


Yes. It’s not out yet though https://www.fangamer.com/collections/deltarune/products/deltarune-ralsei-plush I’m very excited


I would give my hands a 10/10 would recommend made my life 100 times easier.


hands are nice i will agree with you on that potato


i like how on the pins out of all of the names they chose the $!#& squad


Yeah. Fangamer is a really good website and there products are high quality, but there prices are really high. They do give you little extras though so there’s that.


i’ve got the undertale collector’s edition (but the music box in the locket stopped working)


My life would be a nightmare without them


mine too, my hands are qualified for almost every task i can imagine

very nice hands I tell you


I really want the special edition. Might get it for Christmas or something. I just want the extras. I might lend the game to a friend.


when i had an undertale themed birthday i got

-the collectors edition
-a temmie plush
-some pins and stuff
-some unofficial CYOA book that wasn’t that great tbh
-a bag
-some various undertale themed candy
-and butterscotch cinnamon pie omllllllllllll

that was fun


Sounds like it was fun. I know this may sound greedy of rude, but I really only want official stuff. Like ok. If there’s some cool fan made thing then yeah, I’ll want it. But I’d rather have official stuff. Just me.


So I have a plan on how I’m going to do sprites. I’ll try to do 1 on weekdays and 1 to 2 on weekends, though I’m probably don’t going to be able to keep that promise (T-T) and sorry if I can’t.


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people hey. Once again, a very unproductive week. But I did get some stuff done.

  1. Finished like 3 or 4 sprite sets.
  2. Figured out how we’re going to make the fight/sparing mechanic unique.
  3. Figured out how your killing and sparing is going to effect the game and final bosses.
  4. The person who’s moral support is also helping with Social Networking.
  5. Figured out the final area that we couldn’t figure out. It’s going to be Ghost/Sprit themed with some characters being based off Japanese Yōkai and other folklore.
    Other stuff that isn’t a update but more so stuff that I forgot to say:
    •There will be quick travel in the game after the 3rd area.
    •There are different kinds of characters. Main characters are ones that will follow you around at the end and basically just be your friends. And “Leaders”, Characters that lead a certain area and are less major. There is only one character that doubles as both and that is the final boss.
    •I probably said this before but no random encounters. Everyone you fight has there own reason to fight and intentions.

There may be a Go-Fund-Me for the game, but we’re not sure. We basically just need the program to code the game (Unity Game Engine) and the music program (Most likely FL studio). At max it would cost $1000, at MAX. It’s not going to, but still. There really isn’t that much point to doing it aside from giving people perks so it may or may not happen. If it does, though, all donors get there name in the credits. I really hope people don’t just think it’s a cheep undertale or Deltarune rip off because of the sparing or killing aspect. I really like the idea of more free will and want to use it as well. I’m really happy that there are some other people that actually are looking forward to it and I appreciate your support. Have a nice week!


Wow! That’s quite a lot of updates.

It sounds like you’re making some really good progress on it. (I can’t wait to see the finished project!)


Thanks! And don’t expect it to come out anytime soon, though. I’m still learning how to code in C# so it’s probably going to take a bit.


I would really like to donate, but I’m almost never spending money on anything, and my debit card doesn’t work for online purchases for some reason. However, I have a suggestion. Do you have a Mac? If so, you could cut costs using GarageBand, which I think is free. And also, the free version of FL Studio is pretty good. You can’t just close the program until you are done with the music, because if you do that, no progress will be saved.