Updates on My Game (idk it doesn’t have a name yet)



Some sprites I made. Let me know what you think


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato @William04GamerA @Hi_people Hello! It’s been a little over a week, since I did it on Friday last week, but aside from that we have some announcements!
•We got another character figured out! It’s the cat sprite in the video. There a scientist. Other things about the character is that there shorter than the player. When you fight them you don’t fight them directly instead robots they made (and the robots will be more minor characters). Same when they join your team. They don’t fight.
•I have an idea of how I want the sprites to look. There very simple since I’m a first time developer and have never done this before.
•I really like making making clay figures so I might make models for the characters (probably not but there’s a chance)
•I still don’t know how to make music
٩( ᐛ )و(but seriously. If you know anything about how to do it, what supplies you need, and how to get started, please tell me!)

I’m just going to put this at the end of all of the updates so bare with me. If you have any character ideas, tips, area designs, feel free to tell me. If I use it, I will give credit.


Oh just figured it out. We need 2 more main characters. We know one ares is like a fire area and I’m pretty sure it’s also going to be steampunk but idk, cause when I asked my friend if the area should be just fire related and the steampunk it’s like own area or if it should be mixed together and they just said “Sure”. If your reading this, what did you mean?. So let’s just say it’s fire/ steampunk and we don’t know the others area. If you have any ideas, you can say so.


Hmm… Area ideas… maybe like elements that aren’t actual elements.

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Ice/cold
  • Metal
  • Plant
  • Air
  • Light/dark
  • Etc. You get the point.


@Hi_people Well we have a nature themed area, ice, fire, city, a castle/ castle town. We really only need one. We don’t have main characters for the fire area and the one we don’t know yet. We were going with the element theme so the list does help! Thanks :).


Some concept art

(I drew it if it wasn’t obvious)


@FearlessPhoenix @Aether @Toxiccato
@William04GamerA @Hi_people time for another update ٩( ᐛ )و. So we actually got like nothing done this week, but I’ll say what we did.

  1. I did some concept art for the characters (I showed one before. I’ll put the rest at the end).
  2. Some character sprites we’re finished.
    Sorry for such a short update. If you have any ideas for characters, areas, etc feel free to tell me. I’ll give credit where credit is needed. Hope you had a good thanksgiving (if you live in the US like me) and see you next time!



Even if these updates might be considered as small, thank you for keeping us updated!


Your welcome. I know some people don’t like getting small updates because there’s like nothing to them. But personally I would always like to get updates so I’m not left in the dark.


So I managed to get more stuff done today than I did the entire least week… I feel guilty about being on a computer for probably 5hours but I had nothing to do. I finished 3 sets of characters sprites. While 3 may not seem like a lot, before this I had finished 4. I have absolutely no life :p.


oh you own a computer? cool, you can play my parkour map when it comes out (if you want to and own minecraft)


@Mr.rex Well, it’s a family computer. We have a Mac. The only platforms I have Minecraft on is IPhone(I can download it anytime), PS3 (it’s bold and I don’t play it on it anymore), and Xbox 1. I would play it, if I could. If you upload a video on it on your channel I’ll watch it.



i’ll probably put it on youtube


Yay! What have you gotten done so far? Just curious.


do u have hand


the ruins and a fraction of snowdin


What do you mean @carpet I’m confused


do u have hands like me and @SmilingSnowflakes


u have hands too smiles right