Updates on hopscotch are Waaaay to glitchy :(

Please don't flag this, because it's truthful. :sleepy:

I've noticed that some weird things are going on, on Jedi adventures. On my iPad there is NO difference in the speed and 'bug fixed' editor. Please don't take this as offensive, but you really need to check, before you update hopscotch THT. It may improve things, but may glitch something else out. I have no idea what happened to Jedi Adventures, I'm having problems remixing projects, a blank white screen comes up too much when I work on drafts, you name it!

There is a whole list of things, but I'm quite annoyed about Jedi Adventures, and I'm sure that a few other games would be messed up. There is a lot of trouble with this update. In another update, it was for bug fixing, and that's when the 'Womp! Something went wrong' screen came up. I've noticed that things are getting more glitchy, and buggy after each update.

A famous saying, often used. I also value it!

Check once, cut twice.

Could you please try to go through all these bugs, and solve them,


Oh yeah. I forgot to say this:

iOS 9.2.1 iPad mini 1.


I think you might have to have ios 10..
I'm not sure.


iOS 10 is way to high. My iPad wouldn't sustain iOS 10


The game I worked on for weeks is glitching and I have to start all over because of the updates :expressionless::expressionless:


I haven't had any projects glitch. Maybe that's because my projects only had text and is not as complicated as Jedi Adventures but idk. And I noticed an improvement in the editor. I really love it! :purple_heart:

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The thing is... your ipad has the speed of an ipad 2. Thats why.


Very well then. Do you have a School iPad? If not maybe try and ask your r parents for a new iPad?
(Or unless your as old as me (Wait, your bio says you have seen the pyramids being built so are you a mummy?) in which case save up some money and try to buy a new iPad.)