Updates I guess




I haven’t been on hopscotch in a while (round of applause to procrastinating school me, basketball, and summer school) and I really wouldn’t like to catch up. So, what is the news so far, in terms of what’s poppin, the forum, and coding?




Henlo iMeow!

How are you?

Nothin’ mooch is happening on HS same old, same old lel

I say ‘lel’ to mooch ples excuse meh


And I talk weird on hsf


I Liak your art style vereh mooch.


Hello! This forum has been updated with some cool new features like categories and groups!


tank yew voory mach
oi epreshiat thet


That reference :heart_eyes: i relate so much



@chillpink liked two of my proJects




It’s sho very coot and cartooooonie


tank yew me twy noow ert staiel


Oh so that’s why I can never find u XD
Thanks for drawing Linny!


You’re welcome senpaih


XD I gtg now sry bai