Updates for Yellow Squares 4

Name of Project: Yellow Squares 4
Link to the Project: Uhhhh here’s the link for Yelloww Squares 3? I don’t have one for Yellow Squares 4 because it’s not started yet Yellow Squares 3 by Short Circuit

Well Hello Everyone!

This is the topic for me to do updates for my new project, Yellow Squares 4! (Yes, I know, I should make something new)

Here’s my super cool epic ultimate checklist of doom for this project and what I’m going to change:

  • Rearranging the layout to fit in a joystick/set of arrow buttons. No more swiping!
  • Adding level hints/skips to each level (not sure what to call them, they light up the pathway) seeds cost TBD
  • Access to unlock bonus levels (12 seeds) from opening screen
  • Themes! More backgrounds for seeds, as well as the choice between plain and gradient for free (with separate settings screen that can be accessed form any level)
  • Epic music/sound effects
  • More levels, possible themed or puzzles with a twist? I’m not sure yet
  • If I can get the sub, I’ll have it save progress, but it’s unlikely

If y’all have other ideas, or want to be tagged for Updates, let me know! @Name_in_Progress


Sounds cool. Good luck on the project.


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