Updates for Phase Studios(aka Phase Admin)



Hello!!!!! I am going to do update on what I am going to make on SoundTrap, so I am going to share to the forums and you can listen to the updates are going to be about. I will make a list so people can see all of the talk shows(really just me talking). Until then, bye!!!!!!



So... Music? I'm sorry, what is it for again? Sounds cool though! :smiley:


It will be me talking through the mic but not a live thing. So I will try to be constently updating it!


Cooooooooooooool! Do you mind if I kinda do that too? It sounds amazing!!


Of course you can! Sorry for the late reply, I was outside playing with snow! SNOOOOOOOOW!!!!


We should make it together on Tynker on the account.


ok. I'll login now and start.
you can look at the code and add to the game.


what's your username in tynker, @Stradyvarious?


Computer or IPad? I don't see the project on the IPad.


The one that @Stradyvarious and I is fridgeturkey89. @Stradyvarious is Stradyvarious.


and even if I did know the password I wouldn't hack!


i have another account if you want to use it.
@crazygoat but you have to emai l me to get the user/password.


Is that ur collab account or something?


What are the accounts?
And sadly I don't have the app, but I have an account! I have nothing in it but if you want to know, crazygoat!


App, I have app, how do u search projects tho?


Oh, won't find your project then 🙁🙁🙁


I'm remaking this game on Tynker because I like it better than Hopscotch.
But you can remake this game on Hopscotch if you want a fun game to wow users on Hopscotch.
Just watch the trailer, it doesn't look that hard to rotate a planet in the center screen and have aliens turning with the planet and multiplying while rotating the planet to avoid the aliens getting hit.
@Phase_Admin @Rawrbear

Also if you do any coding on the Tyker app and then code on the Tynker website and have the project playing in the Tynker app again it runs slower than if you coded the project exclusively on the Tynker app.
The pc code is somehow slower/inferior to the app code.


This looks amazing. I need to make this!

Just curious, is the PC version of Tynker the full version of Tynker, or do you need an additional purchase?


Can I help you with it @Rawrbear?


Collab time :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:
(u said that u quit hopscotch?)