Updates for Camera Clickers

Because I don’t wanna hype everyone up because then I’m probably going to delay it a day before

Because I don’t know how to make a change in skins thing

Because I would have to change back to the selected camera

And I’m really sorry even one thing in it:/

Well, someone’s going to playing for me talking to much even though it is high my rights to talk in MY thing where I talk about MY game (I know you’re just trying to help out but please stop talking about that

And stop talking about me having to move my stuff because just you need my permission It’s in my topic because it’s about my game.

I’m going offline I think for today

Yikes I was gone for a while

I need to get rid of flash and pic when taping the cam

That’s why it’s takeing a while

A icon will show when get a gem

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Everyone on hop I made something to show you guys where I was and some good news! @PumpkinLatte @Pumpkin @Cutelittlepuppydog @Liquid @StarlightStudios @Dragongirl1264 @William04GamerA @Pumpkin1Spice Pumpkin @Pumpkinbrewster1 @Pumpkin everyone try to spread this post because some hashtags wouldn’t show


It showed my next game to



sorry i don’t understand


Just go check out my new thing


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Is it good

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I have made up my mind I will make skins that are like the ostrichs like the kiwi rhea emu cassowary and just for fun the now extinct moa

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