Updates For AAIECAPS

i didnt, i just filled out the form, i may try the game later


Debugging time!

I’m having 2 problems:

  1. The restart button when pausing doesn’t work
  2. The walls won’t show up

I’ve tried so many things, but it just doesn’t work…

Can someone please help me?

Here is the link:

@The_Kings @CodeHelp


it’d be a good idea to shorten the abbreviation—as it’s pretty confusing without context. you might also want to call it “Adventure in E-Caps” or something—as that would be more attention grabbing.


Already suggested :))


i agree.


@StarlightStudios @ClownPig @Dragongirl1264 What other name would you suggest?


Any help please?

By the way, I found out why the walls didn’t show up, the level variable was 0 even though I set it to 1.

I still need help with the restart button tho.


maybe “Adventure in E-Caps”?


I like that idea, the name sounds extra nice with ‘Adventure’ in it, but when you see ‘E-Caps’ it’s pretty confusing.

And ‘Adventure In Space’ or is totally not original. If I really can’t think of an other name, I’ll choose ‘An Adventure In E-Caps’ or ‘Adventure In Space’.


the original name has ecaps in it too though /conf


Yeah, but it’s not a single word, so it’s less noticeable.


I got some ideas for achievements!

Name Icon Reward Experience increase How to earn Difficulty
Beginner :slightly_smiling_face: 10 Coins 10 Complete your first level Bronze
On Your Way :smile: 75 Coins 25 Complete 5 levels Silver
Advanced :sparkles: 500 Coins 150 Complete 25 levels Gold
Adventurer :fire: Skin 2 350 Complete every level Diamond
I Need Energy :neutral_face: 25 Coins 25 Collect an energy coin Bronze
Mr. Magnet :magnet: 150 Coins 125 Collect 5 energy coins Silver
Full Of Energy :zap: Skin 3 750 Collect 25 energy coins Gold
Let’s Play A Game :smiley: 100 Coins 100 Visit 10 times Silver
One Month :eyes: Skin 4 350 Visit 30 times Gold
Visitor :sunglasses: 2.500 Coins 1.000 Visit 100 times Diamond
On Fire :partying_face: 10.000 5.000 Visit 365 times Master
Do It Yourself :hammer_and_wrench: Skin 5 50 Made your own level Bronze
Editor :gear: Skin 6 5 Edited a setting in the settings Bronze
Popcorn :popcorn: Skin 7 50 Watched the intro 100 times Gold
The End :wave: 100.000 Coins 0 Earned every achievement Master
Thank you :mushroom: 500 Coins 0 Gave this project a plant Silver
Mushrooms :star_struck: 2.500 Coins 0 Gave this project 5 plants Gold
Voice Of Kindness :heart_eyes: 10.000 Coins 0 Gave this project 25 plants Diamond
You’re Too Kind :heart: 25.000 Coins 0 Gave this project 50 plants Master
I Like Gems :grin: 50 Coins 100 Earned 25 gems Silver
Mr. Gem :gem: 200 Coins 500 Earned 100 gems Gold
Shiny :sunglasses: 1.000 Coins 2.000 Earned 500 gems Diamond
I’m Blue :blue_heart: 2.500 Coins 5.000 Earned 1.000 gems Master
Upside Down :face_with_spiral_eyes: 100 Coins 100 Went upside down 100 times Silver

Any feedback? I worked very hard on this list!

If you have any questions or suggestions, I would love to hear them! I have lots of ideas! Also feel free to ask how to get something that has been mentioned in the list! Example: What is an energy coin, and how do you get one?

@The_Kings @MarkerGames @Limon @SilverSong @rAyyy @Mouldycheese8 @Tulipia @ClownPig @Reverie


I also got some ideas for obstacles, this won’t only be a simple Flappy Bird game!

Wall - Don’t touch them or you’ll die.

Spike - Don’t touch them or you’ll die.

Red Portal - Switches gravity, when releasing you move up, and when you press the screen you move down.

Blue Portal - Switches gravity back to normal again, when releasing you move down, and when you press the screen you move up.

Green Portal - Makes you fly to the left instead of to the right.

Purple Portal - Makes you fly to the right again.

White Portal - Makes everything normal again, switches gravity to normal, makes you fly to the right, etc.

Black Portal - Makes the whole screen dark, you can’t see anything except for the pause button.

1st Teleporter - Makes you teleport to the 2nd Teleporter

2nd Teleporter - Makes the player teleport to this teleporter from the 1st Teleporter

Fake Object - Makes an object a decoration, so nothing will happen when you touch it, no matter if it’s a wall, spike, teleporter, or anything else, nothing will happen.

Decoration - Makes the level prettier, nothing will bad happen when you touch it, it can do something tho. Example: Player touches a clock, clock swings around, and makes a sound.

Coins - Touch them to earn coins to spend in the shop.

Energy Coins - Basically Coins, but then a lot more rare.

Gems - The same as coins, but then an other currency, you will also earn some when you complete a level.


cool, the achievements and obstacles sound perfect. one thing tho, the game has awesome potential—but it isn’t really appealing to the eye. I’d recommend to clean up the menu’s ui, it’s just 8 white squares. you could shrink them a bit to fit the emojis, and maybe create an outline. the opening animation isn’t really satisfying either, maybe smoothen out the “AAIECAPS” title’s spin.

this is just feedback, and I hope I didn’t hurt your feelings.


Thanks for telling me, I was already thinking of a new name for AAIECAPS, and I’m also designing a better menu. I’m having amazing thoughts, btw, one thing will definitely come into the menu this time:

A how to play!

Nope : )


Wow nice


geometry dash but in flappy bird art lol?


I liked the Flappy birdish Rocket game, I think you should add like 2 other mini games, Crossy road and some simple tapper with 3 upgrades or something like that and instead of the rocket icon going onto the rocket game it goes onto a menu of games with it
A penguin flappy bird Thank you for inspiration
I made this post before reading the other posts lol


Thank you for your feedback, but this game isn’t like an iPad where you can play games, it’s only an unfinished rocket game that will have a lot of levels and features!


I don’t really know where to find this.