Updates and Development for Farming Simulator 2

I just don’t think I am going to play any more


Why don’t you want to? Like what do you not like about it? /genq


its not that i dont like it. i just wont have time.


Oh ok glad to hear it’s not about the game!

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MAJOR MAJOR SUPER ULTRA MAJOR SEVEN WONDERS OF THE WORLD MAJOR UPDATE!! (V0.5.4) Wow, after a whole month of development the biggest update I’ve EVER made is finally coming to release!

This crazy update includes… ahem

  • STRAWBERRIES AND BLUEBERRIES! 2 new crops all packed in 1 beautiful farm are releasing with this update and make for rewarding and excellent gameplay!
  • WEATHER! 4 new types of weather make for an immersive, beautiful experience affecting and enhancing your gameplay!!
  • WATER SYSTEM! Your plants can now experience the water cycle which makes for a challenge of keeping your crops healthy!
    1. NEW. RECIPES! Cook the delicious Berry Pie, Blueberry Muffin, and Strawberry Turnover in this new update!
  • FARM UPGRADE SYSTEM! ButterBot is here at your service to fulfill all of your costly needs and you can buy upgrades and whole expansions to your farm!

Play it here!

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Please reply with how awesome it is!
(Or feedback ig)


Please tell me feedback and suggestions on the update :slight_smile:


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Wow someone gave it a one how dare you :pensive: /j


Hopefully that was a good one not a
BAD ONE :rage:


79273 rateing


Woah this was almost a month ago?!?! It feels like it’s only been a week or two, I hate to break the bad news but I haven’t even started working in the next update :skull::skull::skull:


@StarlightStudios You should try to make one mabye with raspberries just an idea!

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Maybe I will

I have a plan to release this game after I add apples. Do you think this is a good idea? I will add the rest in updates but I think uploading it then would be good because your progress will save and their will be more updates.
(Polls that will change a lot)

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t mind either way

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A lot of people don’t mind either way and I think it’s better to release it with the content is has now. It has a lot of stuff to do right now and if I’m being honest with everybody it’s hard making updates that take weeks to do if it’s not even released and it’s starting to feel like a chore because I feel like it’s going unnoticed since I don’t have a real thumbnail or out hashtags with games in development. I’ll make a title screen and add something’s before launch but I just want everyone to know. Thanks for reading and I hope your excited for the launch of this game that’s taken almost a year now!

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After almost a year in development, the game is out!

The game isn’t just about farming. It’s about much more! You can fish, cook, explore the town and forest, and farm! (More will be added in the future)

Here is a breakdown of everything to do in the game!


The main part of the game is farming of course! Grow wheat and make numerous cool recipes, along with strawberries and blueberries! There’s an entire water and weather system that you can use to your advantage to grow your crops more efficiently! You can get crops by going to Casey’s Crops which is a store all about growing your crops!


Fishing might not seem too fun, but you’re going to have a real splash playing around catching different species, and making fun and unique recipes from around the world all while collecting rare and hard-to-catch species! Take a nice train ride to Fishing Isle, the best spot for fishing in the world! (As far as we know… :eyes: ) Go to Frank’s Fishing and buy different rods, each that can help you catch certain fish! There’s lots to do in the world of fishing!


Yay, you can cook. So what? Don’t be so dismissive yet as cooking is just as important as farming! If you’re actually planning to make GOOD money, your definitely going to need to stop by the Choco Cafe and cook! Cooking gives your crops more value and is useful for doing tasks (Coming Soon) around the lands of the world.

Farm Upgrading

Who wants to grow boring wheat all of the time? Grow exciting crops in the most efficient ways by upgrading your farm! Talk to ButterBot for all of your farm upgrading needs!

Coming Soon…

Animal Raising, Exploration, and Making Friends!
This Is all coming soon in future content updates! But for now, here’s a link where you can play the game and keep track of updates!



Wow, I’ve missed so much!


Thank you everyone for keeping track of the updates and development of Farming Simulator 2! The first version is finally having it’s one year anniversary!


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