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Be sure to vote by clicking my profile and selecting

I check out Gavins Games weekly


I have never checked out Gavins Games


I can't vote for some reason? D:


You can't vote on polls in profiles.


Ok I see what happened. I will post just a regular poll instead of that :sweat_smile:


Here's the poll:

  • I have checked out Gavins Games
  • I have not checked out Gavins Games



If you have not checked me out, feel free to at anytime! :smiley:


Yes I started hopscotch last year so I have a lot of projects and a second account that's inactive: THE_GAVINATOR @BasketballNerd


What is your username?


As of right now it is Gavin's Games


Ok I am following you and wow you have some awesome projects! (my username is BasketballGeek on Hopscotch)


K thanks! Most people haven't heard of me :confused:


I have seen you on Featured a couple of times! I think I was following you on another account of mine... :slightly_smiling:


Yes my Fish Tank and Cool Transition still get likes about 2 each hour :slightly_smiling:


Wow thats totally cool :smiley:


To get on featured now isn't as easy as it used to be =_=


What does get you on Featured? :confused:


I'm not exactly sure, but my suggestion would be to have a good title and the picture of the project should be very intriguing so people will like it! It's the only strategy I can really think of.


Ok! Thank you for helping me :slightly_smiling:


No problem! To everyone who haven't voted, vote now!


Alright, right now it's 50-50. I am thinking of a way to increase the 'have checked out'