[Update Topic] 🥇 Wikihopia, the Hopscotchers’ free encyclopedia

This is the official update topic for Wikihopia, the Hopscotchers’ free encyclopedia.

Name of Project: Wikihopia
Why this name: Wikipedia + hop (from Hopscotch)
Link to the Project: Will be available once v0.2 will be out

To do list

To do

About the articles:
Allow links by using [this].
Make links really link to another article.
Allow multimedia objects in the article.
Switch the var parameter to custom block’s parameters. Will require the Hopscotch parameter feature. This will increase the speed of the code (which is already surprisingly very fast).
Increase the power of @/ThinBuffalo code - from 2^10 (1024) char per frame to 2^12 (4096) char per frame.

About the left quick access bar:
Add a category called “Explore” which will have “Search”, “Tags”, “Good Articles”.

About the upper bar:
Transform the gray bar into safari bar. Cannot be interacted by the user.
Code the search for article bar.
Code user:bookmark.
Code user:experimental.

For a very distant future:
Dark mode. Can be enabled in user:experimental.
“Navigation popups” with [[text links]], just like Wikipedia on computer. Can be enabled in user:experimental.

Done in the past since the creation of this topic


Mega string supports links by using [this].
Mega string supports \n (new line).
Every blue elements on the left quick access bar now have its own page.

List of all update announcements in this topic

All update announcements

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→ Post 18

Basic rules

→ This is an update topic, so any suggestions are strongly recommended to go in my official beta testing topic.
→ Encouraging words are allowed, but please don’t continue a big chain.
→ If you want to be tagged for updates, talk with me in y-taco.
→ If you don’t want to be tagged anymore, talk with me in y-taco.
→ There are always implicit rules. A good example is Hopscotch forum’s guidelines.


For every updates: @DaughterOfHecate @Heracc @Henry @ThinBuffalo @Tabitha @Nameless_gamer @Dolphin_Blast @Electogenius @Cutelittlekittycat


This is a preview of Wikihopia

empty, cuz i didn’t open any articles when “screenshoting”


Looks insane! (in a good way)

I have a suggestion

Maybe you could have a image as the logo

Like the actual Hopscotch logo but it says Wikihopia


since this is a “nonprofit project” (will delete “donate” option), this is created in Tri-Angle’s FTU Projects account. I don’t have the beta editor there, so i cannot add pictures.

another reason i decided to create in an account without beta editor, it’s that i’d like people to remix the encyclopedia to increase its popularity, so a maximum a hopscotchers can see it.


I could send you 50 seeds for images…


no thank you, it’s not necessary :)
idk if it’ll affect the remix thing

if you still want to discuss about pictures, can we switch topic? :arrow_up:


I just noticed my write text algorithm doesn’t support \n (new line). So i’m gonna add the required code in, and will also add a link support [[like this]]. It’ll will be v0.2 of Wikihopia. I’ll also share a public link


Saw this preview earlier – super cool, also really love the idea of a working search, which would actually be really useful considering what’s being put into this project. Feel free to tag me for the major updates!

Not if he sends the seeds via Request Seeds


a little bit of everything - contributors bio, coding tips, hs blocks.
(hey, y’all can suggest for more ideas :arrow_up:)

okay alright, but i still don’t need the seeds, @Henry, bc i have seeds in my principal account :)

Link will prob be out tomorrow because i’ll soon reach my daily Hopscotch limit. Although \n is now supported after some debugs


wikihopia sounds like a cool idea


seems to be more difficult than expected, i finally decided to change from [[this syntax]] to [this syntax]


Excited for this one.
I have dark mode on almost all the time on my device haha


I saw it… 2 minutes ago…


It seems great! Can’t wait to use it


How about adding “ recommended projects” to the game?(like #hopnet)


hmm i’m not sure, since this project is not an ad
i’ll think about it :)


What’s it released date


What’s new? [0.2]

The entire project lol, since this is the 1st open wip beta.

Okay so here are the important elements:
→ You now have blue texts for links. They don’t work yet (you can’t navigate from an article to another with the blue text).
→ My algorithm now supports \n (new line) and […] (links)
→ Every blue elements on the left quick access bar now have its own page. However, only “Home Page” has serious text (the other will show “Unfinished” with a number.
→ Deleted Donate option, because that’s not the purpose of Wikihopia.

What i’m planing to do for next big update [0.3]

Doesn’t include small updates (for eg an inexistant 0.2.1)

→ Add explore category to the quick access bar.
→ Add tags to articles (such as “User”, “Tips”, “Blocks”).
→ Start writing some articles with the help of my beta testers.

For every updates: @DaughterOfHecate @Heracc @Henry @ThinBuffalo @Tabitha @Nameless_gamer @Dolphin_Blast @Electogenius @Cutelittlekittycat @anon68560021 @Awesome_E @Dragongirl1264

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Looking great so far! I love the idea of having blue text for links, and I can’t wait for it to be coded!