Update to make life easier



Here is an update to think about, hopscotch team. So, you know how you need to copy this code on like 20 thing that are exactly the same, so you put it all in an ability block. But, this trick almost does NOTHING because it is a "When ___ is tapped" block, and the item to be tapped is at the bottom of a long line of charecters like this:

....and you wish there was a shortcut for that. Well, you aren't the only one. So, in the "Whens menu" there should be a "saved Whens" menu above it, like maybe where the following screenshot shows it:

And when you tap it, a menu pops up with the "Whens" you have saved. If you don't have any "Saved Whens", a text inside the menu will say:
"You have not saved any Whens on this project. Would you like to save the When you are using now?" And underneath it there would be a button saying,
"SAVE WHEN" and if you press it, the When you were using will pop up on your "Saved Whens" menu. If you don't have a When filled in, a notification will come up saying "Fill in your When blank to save it" If you press one of your "Saved Whens", it will replace the When in your When space. Get the idea? Questions? Please tell me!


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This idea is great, I had another one slightly different but I trully like this one more. Nice pictures!


Sounds useful, although I am wondering if this idea means you have to tap "saved whens" and then tap the saved when you want. I wouldn't like that because I am trying to find ways to make the coding of projects swifter. So I think putting a little box at the top of the whens menu and creating a when, saving it, and then being able to tap the saved when which would make the coding process a lot swifter(not swift, the programming language).


I really like this idea and the images you added @Hoppertoscotch :smiley: I've never seen anything like it before and it would be really useful.


@t1_hopscotch hehe, I thought of it while doing a project while wishing this was a feature, the said, "I can give it a chance to make it a feature!!"