Update sneak peek (credit to JaszyKake for picture)



Continuing the discussion from Hopscotch Beta 2.16.0 Preview. Released October 17,2015:

This looks awesome, JaszyKake! I am not a beta tester, but I just can't wait for this to be realeased to the public and so it can make text art more easily! (I think I misspelled "realeased" didn't I?)


i'm a beta tester and it includes more shapes.


Well I love the update :smile: Can't wait for the next!


Um, sorry to be a party pooper but I thought u weren't supposed to bring back topics! I actually am not sure...


Oh, whoops :yum:, where did they ever say that?


On some kind of topic, try searching it! :wink:


Well that is a suggestion, not a rule, but I will only revive topics if they NEED too.


The next update has...qoute