Update Rising...?


So the rising hasnt been updated in 7 wks. I know that it would be a pain to pick out new projects everyday to go in there, but maybe we could have a nominations for rising topic?


Yeah, it's one of the less updated tabs.


Yep. We cant really do anything about it though...


I think there is a nominations for rising but it's not official


Yeah I know. I though maybe THT should make an official one.


Their would be no time as they try to take control of the nominations for featured. SBYP please this has been discussed before a lot :P


I did search before i posted and couldnt find anything. If you can find a topic, then i will ask leaders to merge this topic into that one :slight_smile:


levels should be updated also...


Irk they need to update it


I think there's enough levels! :smiley:
There could be more levels for more advanced blocks, but the videos would be better for more advanced blocks as they would have a suitable explanation. :slight_smile:


I agree! Should I invite THT?


Sure :slight_smile:


Sorry for off-topic, but have you seen this?



No, I have not. :0
Meh actually I think they're a fan of the actual dog Snoopy, and not me. :3


Oh yah forgot about snoopy the dog... Well, who knows...
And they remix your projects, so...?


Rising and game changers don't update a ton becusse featured is the main thing the team works on.


I invited them.


Yeah, it is strange. :0
But I guess it's okay!