Update request: Megamojies made waaaayyy easier



This idea would make Megamojies very easy. Well, it really depend on the Megamoji. But, in the character menu, there was an option to make a "combined character" or something along those lines. When you tap it, you enter this menu where you select characters from a character menu, rotate them, place them, change size, change color, all that cool stuff. Once you have all your characters arranged, you press a check mark where you have ALL THOSE CHARACTERS that you placed, right where you placed them, same size, and you drag it around as a normal character and give it rules.

Main Way This Would Be Programmed

In the iPad, it would see the characters individual, placed, each with the rules inside "When Play Button IS Tapped" to do all the things with colors and such. Rules you add rules to the "combined character", the IPad sees you adding the same rule to each character. And the feature of them all getting dragged around like that, that would be main, new things inside the code of hopscotch. I made this spot so if you think of adding this, you can go here to see how it would mainly make the IPad/Hopscotch do. But the coding to make it know to do that, that's all up to you. I don't know THAT stuff. It would be amazing if I did, though!


I feel like this would defeat the purpose of Hopscotch, as people wouldn't have to use turn, set color, and repeat forever set position.


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@KathrynJaneway no, this is used for making different characters combine and become one character! :confused:.......maybe it could also be like, it won't let you do it if you are only messing with one character? Reapeat forever set position would still be used.


@seawolfwerehorse ?????????