Update Problems



:hibiscus:On a school iPad how do you update cuz I can't :sob:( That might be a good thing cuz I heard it's really bad… :hibiscus:
- Love Blossem320 :hibiscus:


That is a very good thing. I regret updating.


Honestly, I Wouldn't Want To Update. All The Features Are Different, And It Takes Way Longer To Code Even The Simplest Thing. Me And My Parents Are Trying To Find A Way To Revert Hopscotch To Its Pre-Update.


Hmm... Try redownloading hopscotch!

If not try asking your teacher! :D

Also welcome to the forums! If you need help you can put an @ before my name, @smishsmash :D


I already tried redownloading it but it didn't work and I can't ask my teacher cuz it's the middle of summer for me
- Love Blossem320​:hibiscus: