Update please help



I just got the update I will say I can not code like this it is ter.rible it is like coding on the phone you can't do anything! I may quit I ha.te it so much! Please can someone tell me how to un update something please!!!


Unfortunatly you can't un-update :frowning:
If you explain why you don't like it The Hopscotch Team can might be able to fix it :D


I know changes like these can take a while to get used to, but the Hopscotch team worked really hard, and we have to share our feedback on a nice way. Adults have feelings, too! Maybe if you could explain what you don't like in detail, the team could help fix it. For now, just make the most of what you have. THT is working hard to take in everyone's suggestions and they're going to see what works best for all of us. :slight_smile:


I understand you don't like it, but maybe you could voice your opinion a little more politely? The Hopscotch Team put a lot of hard work into the update, and I'm sure they would be disappointed to see feedback like this.

Let's just try to always be kind.

I don't think you can un-update though. Try to get used to the changes. :D


Could you make the coding like it used to be it has become to hard to code this way I understand you worked hard but I just can't code like this! Could you make it horizontally again and not vertical? Is that better... Sorry it just stresses me out


Please don't please don't I don't like how everyone is gonna quit..please


I agree. Coding is way harder with this new update.


I don't want to quit this is my favorite app I have ver had and everyone is so supportive! I just can't draw! Or code. I can't draw because it zooms in so 90% of art gets cut off THT can you please make it so it dose not zoom in if so that would be great!


You can zoom out on the thumbnails before you publish.


Wait really?!?!!! Thank you for telling me that life saved


Now I can draw again! But coding will still be difficult :expressionless:


I think I may know how to un update hopscotch........ I'll tell you how, if you would like.


I agree that the update will be hard to get used to, but it's still great! A lot of things were fixed and added, so stick to the bright side! THT is always trying to make hopscotch a better place for coders like us!


I think most people would like you to, even though I am perfectly happy with the new update