Update not appearing for Hopscotch v2.15.0 ☑️


Update: Problem has been fixed :smiley:

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Strangely I'm not able to update to Hopscotch to v2.15.0 (the latest version as of today — the one with changing avatars).

I thought it might be because of my location but I think that's not the case. No new updates are appearing in my updates tab, and when I search Hopscotch up, it still has the "Open" button and not "Update":

The update does appear in the version history list for me, but there's no option to update. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with iOS 9? Also on that topic, is the new update compatible with iOS 9? I'm planning to update to iOS 9.

Is anyone else experiencing any update problems? Thanks very much for any feedback :smile:


My iPad is actually waiting for iOS9 right now :slightly_smiling: I didn't realise that Hopscotch had an update, all my apps had new updates yesterday. I'll try it when it updates.a
If yours has got automatic-updates on, may be it already updated? To change your avatar, you tap the character on your profile (if you didn't know already :smile:)
-CeeCee :wink:


Thanks @CeeCee! I had a lot of apps update yesterday too.

And update: the Hopscotch update appeared in my Updates on the App Store and so did a heap of other apps too :smiley:

I did try restarting my iPad, but I don't think that was what solved the problem. And I haven't updated to iOS 9 yet, though I'd like to. I turned off Automatic Updates but even when it is on, all previously updated apps appear under the Updates tab. I guess my App Store might just have been slow. Thanks again!


I have same problem too
Help me


Maybe you'll just have to wait a bit like I did :confused: I'm not sure what fixed it for me, sorry. You could try restarting your iPad (hold the Home button and On/Off button for 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears) like I did, but I don't know if it will fix it.


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This could come in handy, and it is a very useful topic. :smile: