Update me on hopscotch?



Hi! Its CP or @CrystalPanda here. I have recently been disabled from my iPad and haven't been able to play hopscotch! Could anyone tell me anything new going on or some new projects that hopscotchers have made and please send me screenshots. I would like to know any projects @SmilingSnowflakes or PolarPendulum have made. Thanks! Please. I'm dying because I have not been on hopscotch so I just go on the forum. Bye!

Drawing on paper compared to

Some of the most recent Featured projects.

Here are some projects from @SmilingSnowflakes. I couldn't find PolarPendulum, sorry.


PolarPendulum changed their name to YuxinaYammy, and here are some of their latest projects:

I hope you can get back on Hopscotch soon!


Thanks for letting me know!