Update madness :D




I'm LotsaPizza and I'm feeling quite energetic after checking out the new update!!!
Okay I'll calm down :laughing:
I'd just like to say that the reactions made by the new update are mixed and we really shouldn't interfere with each other's emotions.
Some people are in love with the update! Others aren't.
Let me tell you, I was quite dissapointed at first. I don't like how you have to turn the iPad, and the layout was hard to get. But after working a bit on a project, I found that the update was actually enjoyable!
I am aware that @Gilbert189 made a topic about how we should control our emotions towards the topic. Well, we should. But we should also leave each other to be ourselves.
Someone wants to leave? There's nothing we can do.
Someone is happy! Well, awesome!
I just... Felt this was necessary.


I agree! :D

I am not entirely sure how to say this, but I can try my very best!

There's a lot of hate in the world. We have all received little bits and pieces of it in our lives. But we can't take things out on the HT. People may not know, or they may have typed faster than their brain could process.

But they worked hard on it- and we should admire and appreciate them for that!


I kinda like the update, except.. I don't know how to delete code... XD

It won't let me. ;-;


I think it's the BEST UPDATE EVER loo


Drag it to left by arrow of character or hold as I you are gonna copy and paste it, the use backspace


Same ;-;


I don't even know how to code with the new update... ;n;


What @HoppingBanana says is true


@HoppingBanana @MissFluffyHuskyz
Neither was I! But then I tried.. And I got it! :D
Someone (I forgot who) made an awesome forum tutorial for it! :D


I saw it, but I'm not sure it helps. I'm not posting any more good art or code on hopscotch until the coding layout is fixed


That's exactly how I felt :0

Haven't seen you in a while! Been busy? ;D


Stahp it! Look what Liza posted! :grinning:

Jul 12
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Jul 12
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TA DA: It's back!

That's right! We heard you guys loud and clear, and just released an update that lets you code in landscape and portrait on the iPad. YAY!

It's super important to that Hopscotch is easy to use, and it was clear that portrait only wasn't helping most people. It's also important to learn quickly, and we're grateful for you quick feedback so that we could improve.

Get the latest version (with landscape!) here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hopscotch-make-games!-learn/id617098629?mt=823.

Let us know what you think! If you like it, leave a review to help encourage other people to make cool stuff on Hopscotch like you do :slight_smile:

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This applies to pretty much everything, including the sacred LGBT.