Update (Leaving)



Hey its me, DTaco. I have been off the forum for a Long time. I just wanted to say that i am leaving the forum for good now. I really don't know why i am leaving, its just that i have kind of drifted away from coding and found other interests (like art, and im more focused on school now that i'm moving to a new campus). So yeah, i will post the occasional project on hopscotch, but im done with the forums. Thanks to everybody who was so nice and kind to me when i started! I will remember all the ppl that helped me!

DTaco Out


Bye I didn't really know you (well I really didn't know you at all) but bye​:grinning:


Goodbye then…


But school is either over or almost over! I get out Wednesday! :smiley:


Wow! You do!
I have a month left... June 21st

Bye @Destined_Taco1 I will miss you!


I know this was in May, but...

You were the first forumer I ever noticed, you were so inspiring to me, but now, you are gone...
Luckily, I have other hopscotchers :wink:
But yes, thank you for your time...