Update ideas? (and beta update reasons)



before you say "email hopscotch lol" or: "OMG SEARCH BEFORE YOU POST!" please read till the end.

Lately, The hopscotch team said that hopscotch will be down at a certain point, and I've been thinking that they could be adding a update or making a update to the app.

But I never got a email saying the next beta update came (it's a period when beta testers test an upcoming update)

But I'm pretty sure it's because either the hopscotch team wasn't thinking of an update or they forgot to release the next beta update, or the update is supposed to be a surprise.

What is your thought of the new update? Or maybe that the beta update didn't come



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I think it just is simple maintenance like bug fixes, crashing, visuals, etc.


yeah probably. But you never know, they might change something


This happened last year too, didnt add anything


you mean 2015? 202020


yeah, 2015 is least year -_-


Lol, I'm still in 2015 mode too...


yeah, for a second I thought last year was 2014 0.0


BTW if you think I'm lying about the no beta period thing, here is proof: I have hopscotch beta, look:


ummmm... okay? (^^; )


Bump! This topic is 767 days old. But I have an idea. What if you could get a link to some bodies account? Like project links except they send you to your account?