Update idea!😀😀😀


So i searched this up and nobody had thought of this?
I think it would be a cool idea I'd on everyone's profile it would show of they are on or off..like a green light or red light...beside their username..I think that wou,d be very cool!
Comment on this...


That's a great idea!


On HS or the fourms?

This has been discussed, just not a whole topic.

I think it would be nice to know when someone was on or off instead of naming yourself like HuggingfluffybearOFF

but the problem is, I think this would get laggy from everyone's colors changing!


I really want @liza , @alish , and all the other members to see this..wait Alisha doesn't work at hopscotch I think..anyways...


Well hopscotch..but yes .. It may!


Also, I posted before I got the invite.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This shows I check every topic :sweat_smile:





That's my name XD

This is a great idea! It would be very useful. c:


Lol that's a nice name!


That would be awesome! When I showed if I was on or off, I always forgot to change it, that would be so cool!


This would be AWESOME!!!!!!
@Liza @asha @Rodrigo @alish @system
@THT (<--- I know that's not a real tag XD)


Oh thanks thanks...I feel so popular all of a sudden lol!
But I would love if this happened!


Me too!
This was a really great idea, if you get popular because of this then you TOTALLY deserved it!


That's a wonderful idea! Let's hope it becomes reality!


I want everyone to see it..so try telling everyone so that it actually becomes reality!


Check this out!!!!!!




yep it would make me really happy if his happened!!! But then again would be a little glitchy...


I really like that idea!


Thanks also explain more about the collab cause I'm confused!