Update idea! Night mode for hopscotch!


So sometimes I'm coding late at night, and it's painful on my eyes! Sure apple's night shift that they added in iOS 9.3 helps... But we need something better. I was thinking that in the next update, you could add a night mode!! Here's an example:

Or how about this:

I think this is a good idea since there are lots of people who code at night including me! Think about it @liza @staff @Montoya


That would be awesome!


I'm pretty sure there are apps that add a dark and orange tint that makes it much easier on your eyes at night (or it may be a built in, idk)





All apps like that are automatic banned from the AppStore sadly.


No problem! This is a really good idea! I know how you feel!
:DDDDD Don't you feel bad for quadruple chinned people?


You can just invert the colors :D

Gud idea!


I usually just lower my brightness:

But, it would be pretty cool to have a night mode for Hopscotch. A lot of people code late at night.


Yes. Sorry emoticon.


You can invert the colors... Or dim the screen... Or turn on night mode...


That's a great idea!
But I think there should just be a "Turn On" button for night-mode, because of different time zones from hopscotchers all over the world! :earth_americas::earth_africa::earth_asia:


Cool idea! It actually won't be that hard to make, you just need to change the background, various bars, buttons and whatnot to black


Yes, but a completely black screen would be better!


Yeah, that's what I was thinking!


My brightness is always
And I wonder why it is hard to see my IPad when it is bright outside...


Night mode is good, but it just makes the screen orange... Not very helpful. (It is good, just not as good as a night mode)


AHHH!!! I don't like when my brightness is that low!!!!


I'm fine with it, nowdays bright screens are WAY too bright. I've ruined my vision XD


Yeah, I just don't it like it that low!


And don't go asking how I made hopscotch dark. It can cause bad thing to your iPad because you are tapping into the internal files.