(Update Idea) Click Them All



So one small thing I find annoying when working with text objects on top of each other, is that the newer ones sometimes are the only ones you can click, with the bottom ones unable to be clicked. Can that be fixed?


As a note, this isn’t always the case… but it’s still annoying


You could possibly use set position blocks and set the text blocks to the same position to avoid this when the project is played :o :D


I could but I would probably be relatively equivalent annoyed with that… plus for projects I’ve already made it’s like…


True… Your new ones don’t have to be the same way your old ones were though ;D


If you need to access the code of an object under another, you can tap the eye icon in the editor to view all your objects.


I don’t code with the new editor much at all, because it does not work for me, my iPad can’t load the code in the draft even with the newest Hopscotch version. But, have they removed the function that are in the old coding editor? That function looks like this:

It basically opens a little menu when you click on a text object and it asks you which object’s code that you want to edit.


No, it just doesn’t always work with new text in top.


can’t you use the code editor to select the object??