Update from me. Talk about project ideas



It has to do with how active you are.
I got reg once and then I left for a year and then I lost it.
I came back in like October and I got reg back within a month.


I had another account called icu I think that one joined in april2016


Oh cool.


well then that explains everything
I left for months
and idnt return


if anyone cares I have kano app




Hmm how about a snowman adventure thing for winter


okay, loads of peeps wan me 2 leave, lets beat those waldos 2 da wall
xD no




I wonder if I will have to leave because petrichor voted


Well since I s.u.c.c at coding that doesn’t involve nondrawn art
(BGs, although I have made some psycho projects like “mY neW dOLLY” (first to find the reference winneds nothnigs) and scary/psycho drawings (terrible drawings))


anyone here, I wan talkchat


Please stay! I’ve missed you while you were gone!


vote <<<<<<<<


I already voted.