Update from me. Talk about project ideas


Well I guess im back title says allbye


Welcome back!






for like a day




altought I might be back


Welcome back.

We don’t use deprecated anymore, so I put this in random

  • Stay Forum
  • Leave forum

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ends new years day


Im annoyed. Not angry, but annoyed about deprecated being banned.
why is it banned?


Because we don’t use deprecated anymore, its in random stuff
(a mod did it)


It’s not banned.
We just don’t use it that much anymore.

All new topics go into the newer categories, like #random, #collabs-requests-competitions, etc


No lol I did. I moved it from deprecated to random stuff
Regulars can change categories.


But can I still use it? I prefer to use dedicated categories when possible.
If not, then that is OK.


thought u wr a mod XD


I was on the forum for 2 years. how long have other people been on?


Yea same here.
I joined a couple of days after you did, actually. August 28, 2016


Lol okay.
I’m not. Definitely not XD


What do you get regular for? because I thought it was to do with how long you have been on


Well yeah, but normally we don’t. Once I think all of the topics in deprecated accidently got deleted or something. Better to se the newer, nmore specific ones