Update for Hopscotch


Random update for Hopscotch came out today, or is it random? What do you think it is?


Apparently it makes accounts optional?


But that was in the last update…?


Could just be bug fixes. I always see apps update with the previous update’s release notes.


Could somebody explain in detail what the update does


I have no idea. But it might be like some fixes or optimizes the no account feature…question mark?


But what is the feature


Basically in the last update they added a feature where you don’t have to sign up to code in a draft


With the hour of code update you could do this sorta


I can’t even get it I have school ipad


This update, according to the version history published in the App Store, is just something to do with making it easier for teachers to sign up.


I heard something about a spamliking glitch on the one account.


Like @ThinBuffalo said, this is what the App Store release note says:

This is for the update released the 27th February 2018, and as long as it is the same release note in the USA as it is in Sweden, it should be about the update that you mentioned.


Yes I know I read patch notes. Usually there are things that aren’t said. Like “under the radar” fixes and additions


Hmmmm it was like for hour of code


it makes loading drafts 3 times faster


The loading for drafts isn’t any faster for me


Did you update???


Yes I did update and I didn’t notice any changes


I’m 11 btw,