Update changelog

This would be for beta.
I think it would be pretty cool if, when you update a project, for there to b a changelog button right beside the picture/thumbnail. It would look like this;

Do you agree?

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This would be useful. How would it be accessed? From the project like in Awesome_E’s webplayer, or in the place where the likes go?


Amazing idea! This would be very useful!


This would be useful!

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Judging from the image, looks like it would be accessible via the “Publish an Update” option under •••

Would be more useful if we were able to update projects from drafts instead of having to do it all in one go…


I agree.

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As in where to view it. That would be to create/edit it

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Good point. THT would have to make it so it shows as a description for the project.

As in shows title, and description right underneath… or at least a button that looks like an i in a circle (information button).


Yeah one of the i’s on the right side at the bottom of the project.

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This is a great idea

Yes I agree.

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Yes indeed

But I won’t use it.

I will only use it for like massive updates on meh games

Anyways am off to see attack on titans

I want this-i would use it all the time