Upcoming Projects From MyPi or Saxonerd


This is where I will post my upcoming projects that will be created on my account, MyPi.


My first is a game called Achtung Die Kurve, it is like tron, but a bit different. (It is an actual game!)




Does anyone have any other game ideas? I'm a pretty good coder.


How about flappy bird? Or crossy road?


That is a bit to ordinary, everyone makes those games! There are videos on how to do it!


Okay how about goat simulator?


Um, the problem is, I have no CLUE what that game is.


Google it! The code might be a challenge, but it would be fun!


To see what types of games I've made, my hopscotch username is MyPi.


I cannot currently access hopscotch, because of the iOS update.


Oh, well here are my biggest accomplishments:
An automatic chat box
Agar.io (Which was featured)
And a Morse code pad.


Oh cool! That's great! Your an incredible coder!


No, not really. I used to be. I just am good at figuring out how to solve problems and do things.


I guess that kind of means I'm good, but I'm not.


Your wayyyyy better than me. Ive only had one trending!


The funny thing is, I've never had a trending! Only one rising (it is still on rising) and two featured!


And what is your hopscotch username?


LemonBleach that's my username


Oh, okay, do you have any other ideas for games?