Up in the Moonlight Slideshow/Song Collaboration



Hello, Hopscotchers!

I am going on a plane to Disneyland soon!

I am getting up early to go on the flight, so I have decided to make a collab where musicians do good-sounding music that expresses what it is like to be up in the moonlight. The music's title will be Up in the Moonlight, make it sound night-ish please! Plus I will have people who do the slideshow emojis!


•Been on for at least 5 months
•Knows how to make chords and cool notes
•Been on for at least 2 months
•Know about fade out and fade in
You must be nice and appropriate.

Comment down below your username and join and the job you want if you want to join this collab, example:
Lavender Star join Musician


AwesomeWolf18 join Slideshowers


Haven't been on for 5 months on this account D:
I'd like to join music IF POSSIBLE
I have made a "Moonlight Sonata" similar to this!
:P. If the audio doesn't work, click "open in app"


@Follow4LikesOfficial okay, you can work on my music. Make it sound good, not too long, and nightly. Remix this here with the music and then post the finished link on this topic: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/xqkfihulr


k I can have it done (possibly) by next week


@AwesomeWolf18 have you been on Hopscotch for at least 2 months and do you know how to fade in and fade out?
@Follow4LikesOfficial just try to get it done early please, :wink:


me join as sideshow!


Me slideshower would be fun and a trill, and I could work with @crazygoat, he/she should have same timezone as CG lives in my state!




Sorry, I can't. :frowning: It usually takes me a long time to make, because I am really busy. Maybe you could ask @Snoopy or @MagmaPOP? They can maybe do it faster


Nope... @Follow4LikesOfficial @LavenderLovinNerd




Sorry to ask, but are you going to make any more music projects? I love them and want to see another one


Nooooooo i cant like for 6 hours im doomed


Also i LOVE your music and everyone elses its really good


Maybe... I'm not sure @Follow4LikesOfficial


I dont get it so do u want the code like this


@AwesomeWolf18 yes thats the right code


Ok ill do it wait one sec


Oh also is it fine if i just put the moon anywhere