Unusual Insects you find and draw on Hopscotch


I'm pretty sure this is a hemipteran, though I'm not sure what species. I'll try to find the sub-order.


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I looked it up "hemipterous" and this is what it gave me:

"Belonging or pertaining to the Hemiptera, an order of insects having forewings that are thickened and leathery at the base and membranous at the apex, comprising the true bugs."
"Belonging or pertaining to the order Hemiptera, in some classifications comprising the heteropterous and homopterous insects."

I'm not sure if that's what your looking for, but thank you!

I never would've guessed what species that was (let alone what kind of bug!) You have been given a real talent in insects, I think that's cool! Not very many people are interested in insects :smirk:

I know this is off topic but, how's Choco-la-ta-ta-ta-ta~ doing? Is she still on chemo? I'm praying for her, she's blessed to have a friend like you! :slight_smile:


1) Yeah, hemipterans are insects that belong to the order of hemiptera.

2) I really like entomology (study of arthropods), so yeah, I know an abnormal amount about insects. Not enough, though, eheh.

3) Choco will be out of chemo soon, but even then, she'll need time to recover before so much as picking up an iPad again. Thank you for your consideration, and thanks for the compliment!


The Insect is creepy! Great drawing!
Off topic: are you Rp pics?


Ikr!? Thank @XiaoMiaoMi for explaining what kind of insect it is (or was).



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