Unusual Insects you find and draw on Hopscotch


Hai! In this topic we will discuss and draw weird insects!
Okay, so here are the instructions (if you would like to call them that): first, find a bug (insect) that you find is unique or abnormal. Second, you take a picture of it and draw it on Hopscotch, then you post both on here.
Here’s an example:

Have fun!


I Think @AHappyCoder Will Love This


Well I coded my pet katydid!

So you like insects too? :D

I have 9 pet damselfly larvae!


Actually, I don’t know that much about insects, but I am wanting to learn more about them!
P.S, I looked up damselfly larvae and learned some pretty interesting things. Thank you for teaching me something new!:grinning: (now I know that you actually can learn something new every day!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


Does this count as an unusual bug? Because I have no idea what it is :sweat_smile:.

Sorry it took me so long to post that :sweat_smile:.


Okay, first of all, WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT MONSTEROUS,ABNORMAL,STRANGE-LOOKING CREATURE??!!!?!? It looks so creepy! I mean no offence to you! It looks so creepy... Sorry! Off topic!


Welcome to the forum, Neon_Howler!
And about the bug, I found it on the wall in our hallway. We gave it a royal flush, tho.XD





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insects have six legs
this is a common house centipede,, it lives practically everywhere and is really common (as the name suggests)

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