Unseen Projects...! 😒



It took me a while to make this, and it's either no one likes it, or no one can see it! I know that there are MANY topics about this, but I REALLY want an answer!
Is it just stuck in the filter? There isn't much code. And I really like the drawing. So.
NOTE: asking in general. Why are some projects unseen?


Six people liked it already. Plus it's only been like five minutes XD


Really? I can't see that.


Maybe refresh the page?


The Activity Center's been lagged about twelve minutes.


It's got ten last time I checked and I liked it cause your in my following and I just like all the projects in my following


Ah, I see. I'm assuming it was stuck in the filter. I guess this is asking in general why there are some unseen projects!


Plus your project are definitely gonna be seen, I mean your LotsaPizza hopscotcher of the year!


I saw it and I liked it


People who have made a good project should get known for it.


Um I'm pretty sure it was seen because it now has 75 likes!