Unseen MagmaPOP Projects!?



There is some kind of bug that makes people unable to see my projects that I have remixed multiple times! This happened to me when I was doing my emoji Mario game long ago! I thought the bug was gone, but it happened again with the ''Full Monopoly Board''... I know people are able to seach for the project using 'search'! Please fix this!

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people cant see all of my projects...


It's because of the filter. Projects with lots of code take longer time to get through the project system. Email Ian to speed it up, it took a week for me! :bow:🏻


Which project did you have trouble with? @Follow4LikesOfficial


Coincidently, MagmaPOP is illuminati! I unpublished it, but you can see it here


Solid theory! :laughing: @Follow4LikesOfficial


I see "Rainbow Kalediesopes" but not the monopoly.


I know... I can see the play count...


I know cause i saw your monopoly on one account and on another collab account I didn't!


WOAH. I clicked on the link once and it loaded in the web player successfully, but then when I clicked it again, a blank page shows up! :anguished:


@magmaPOP can you follow me on hopscotch


He doesn't just follow you, you have to earn it! :wink:


Hiya. I just double checked and it doesn't show the monopoly :frowning: . Try unpublishing and then re-publishing


I already did that... Didn't work. You know the super Mario pixel game project I made super long ago? The one you see in game changers today isn't the first one. The first projectI made by branching my moving Mario project wasn't shown to people... EVER! This is some kind of bug that accurs when I remix my own projects to many times or something... So I ended up remaking it in another draft from scratch... You can see that the first one that you can't see was made 41 week ago and the one on game changers was made 37 weeks ago...


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Okay that's weird... That is defiantly a glitch, it's happening to me, I can't see projects sometimes. It happened when I was gone for a while, and I checked all of the projects. And then, out of the blue, a project you or LotsaPizza made just appeared...


Can any of you guys see the snowman project?

I checked my Following tab (I follow myself), and it wasn't there!


Search before you post :wink:
this question has been asked...


Someone's already asked if they could see the project?!


No, I'm pretty sure this was the first topic surrounding this bug/ problem


I've asked why people can't see my drawings! I posted, like, 3 things today but either no one likes them or it's a glitch: