Unreadable Code? How to fix this mess



Okay, so I like to remix projects (like a lot of others). I was going to remix this one amazing project (I forgot what it was) because of the potential (I always expand stuff). So I clicked "See Code." I realized that remixing, might not be a great idea after all. I was not going to sit around for hours and hours just trying to understand what this code even meant! Many people who remix, but has little to no new change may be due to not understanding the code. So this is what we (coders and Hopscotch team) can do to help fix this problem and make learning faster and easier.
1. Label Sprites - When I look in a project that is "Circle 1, Circle 2, etc..." or "Text" I'm like :disappointed: And "Adios Amigos!" because I don't know which is which in the code. By labeling like "Left Leg, Right Leg, top message, etc..." it makes life easier, more remixes, and faster learning. I'm sure you've heard to label before, but PLEASE!!!
2. Comments? - Unlike any other coding language or application, Hopscotch doesn't have a "Comment" block. I think this should be added I the next update. There is some code with variables where my head gets dizzy looking at it. How do I remix without knowing how it works? If people could add comments, better remixes would be made.
3. Pile Up - Sometimes when I see projects (especially with homemade characters that include many shapes) I see 10 shapes piled up on one another. I'm glad that Hopscotch gives you a menu so you can access every one, but how do I know which is which besides the image. It can be confusing. This costs time and remixes. If you do anything that includes multiple shapes, PLEASE! Spread them OUT!
If there is anything you want to add or you found a problem, please comment below. I really hope most people see this.

HELP! Title is unclickable?
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HELP! Title is unclickable?
HELP! Title is unclickable?
HELP! Title is unclickable?

I'm sure many of you have heard of this before. I just want things to be more... Fun to code.

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Yeah you put a title but it doesn't show up...


That is strange. It might have to deal with me making it too short at first and going back into it. I see the title, though.


Anyway... Ideas? Agree?

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Or I just clicked on the reply amount then a time and before you know it :boom: I'm on here


What else do you guys think would help with unreadable code.

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Some comments in the code about the code (put a repeat times 0 or check once if 1 is equal to 2, or anything check once if that won't show) using Set Text to might help.

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I also think there could be some simpler blocks to reduce code. It you could put a "touching" block int the if statement then people could understand better. That should be another new block in an update.

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But games in Hopscotch are meant to be played and not learned from, tutorials are the ones that do that.


Well, you could say that. But you learn from someone else's code that you might want to incorporate later. As long as the code was readable. This is also why I'm having trouble doing @oio challenge he gave me to make a 3D game using his technique.


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Ahhhhh! People need to see this! Okay, I'm kind of sad. At least some people can see this. HT, fix this!!!


I renamed it? Did it work? Does anyone have anything to add to fixing this mess?


By tapping Mobile view I got in!!!!!!!!!!!


Good for you. Do you agree on the situation? Any examples?

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Oven Brake is an example due to the stacked shapes.