Unread Discussing the collab ArtCollab on the app


What’s my status now?


Probally on the list


So mew can you say if we’re in or not?


I would like to be in the collab, but I just don’t have the time and I can’t really log out of my Hopscotch account, because I have had issues with that before. But I wish you good luck with the collab!


Ok, that’s ok. Thanks!


So @CoderOfMagic and @tankt2016 are for sure in it.


Annnnddd me?


Ok, you too.


Thanks!!! I’m so glad!!! Lol


Check the ArtCollab topic I tagged you for it


Oof… can you tag me one more time please? I dunno where it went…


It’s a blank title
Check latest


@Apricity really wanna be in the collab will you be active and participate?


Or check random stuff so far apricity and me were in it


sure it seems fun :slight_smile:


Ok! You can be in it
If you choose yes please it’s basically a first come first serve thing
Your in


I can do this. Just know that my drawings aren’t that good. I can draw like backgrounds and things, just not really people. If you need some scenery, just @ me.


I think they have their peeps, but you can try anyways


Ok then @HardcoreHufflepuff.


Might do 4 or 5 so I’ll see