Unpublished projects still accessed by players on server



I unpublished a board game and had it sent back to draft after someone gave a like.
When I clicked on my game screen next to their like, the board game still came up onscreen. Itwasn't my draft version because I has deleted some things already in my draft. This was the game that was published. If a project is unpublished could @Liza @Ian please see that the project is no longer available to play by other users on Hopscotch.


Hmm I haven't experienced this before and unpublished projects are meant to stay unpublished. I'm not sure what you mean by "game screen next to their like" though?

It's not important, but I think you should change this to the normal category since other Hopscotchers might be able to share their insights if they've experienced this before. (You can do this by pressing the pencil icon next to the title.) You don't have to but thanks for doing it anyway @Stradyvarious :smile:


@Stradyvarious, I have noticed the same thing. And I have wanted to raise the issue, but i keep forgetting.

This is a concern to me, because I want to use the "publish" function in order to create multiple branch-point copies of the same base project on my iPad. There is presently no other way to make a copy of a project on one's own iPad... as strange as that seems. So, normally, what I would do is get my base project to a good branch point, then discreetly publish, download, copy and rename, then unpublish the project, as quickly as I can. Hopefully, without anyone else noticing or downloading it, because it's not really ready. It's a silly ritual, i know, but it is the only way I have discovered to avoid having to re-code an entire project. Now, I am reluctant to even do what I have just described, if I learn that there really is no such thing as "unpublishing" a project.

So, good question. I hope it has an easy answer / remedy.


What i mean is when you tap the lightning bolt and the users name says they liked your project and there's a small pic of the game screen next to the message. I clicked on the screen and the published version played.


Good find @Stradyvarious—this is a bug. I thought that we fixed this last night, but maybe not. Can you restart Hopscotch and test this out again? If you give me the name of a project you publish, I will like it and see if it registers in your activity feed.

Did you delete the project before or after it was liked?

Thanks for your help,


@Stradyvarious @oio Thanks so much for bringing up this bug! I just played around with it a little bit and got the same thing to happen on my iPad, so we'll need to fix that!

However others cannot play those unpublished projects, even though you can.

Thanks again!


the project was unpublished after the like was received. then later I clicked the screen next to the like and the previously published game was playing