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well, i don’t care about the forum being off topic. and really, i don’t want it to change. i like it the way it is now. and anyways, it’s not like it’s 100% off topic. there are still posts about hopscotch. yeah, there’s very little of them anymore, but still.

also this is coming from some 10 year old girl who doesn’t even use hopscotch anymore and barely knows anything about when the forum used to be almost always HS related so…




Here’s a great point made by @BuildASnowman:


Hopscotch-related unpopular opinion: 60% of the community is people who remix other’s peoples work, mess it up, and make the reasonable half ragequit XD


I agree with this. I reread a recent flamewar three times


Which one? Hehe just wondering


I don’t really want to mention it, one of the people participating yelled at someone for mentioning it.


wouldn’t that be communication outside the forum?


Yes, but no one cares about that rule anymore.


Yup. It’s not like The Hopscotch Team cares, though. I know a bunch of people that do it.



I think the communication outside the forum rule should be changed so it’s still allowed, except that it’s risky and that it’s not the hopscotch teams fault if anyone’s information gets leaked through other websites.

I mean, there shouldn’t be any reason for tht to have any responsibility since it would be the forumer’s fault for not knowing proper internet safety. Instagram has a similar rule for underage users.


Woosh here comes an unpopular opinion

Why are there no aces on HS???


Um… everyone says that art is clogging Hopscotch. But… if THT didn’t want art in the first place, they never should have added it as an option. I mean, I think they even made a tutorial for drawing!
But on the flip side, I do agree that we need to make more coded projects and not remixed art. Hopscotch is a CODING app.
So I think that THT should make an art section with all the regular Hopscotch stuff except it’s all art.


ARt is projects.


Well, you know what I mean!