Unpopular Opinions topic


Here is where you can post any of your opinions that seem to be unpopular among the forum community.

1 ☓ Do not make off topic opinions, ones that have to do with the forum or the hopscotch app & beta are considered on topic. You can add in a small off-topic unpopular opinion along with your on-topic opinion.

2 ☓ Don’t call out other hopscotchers or forumers, I will ask you to delete it if you do this.

3 ☓ “The forum and hopscotch isn’t about popularity!” is not allowed, though I agree to it. This is because it’s not really unpopular anymore, I don’t want this topic to be clogged with that opinion.

4 ☓ Please do not provoke/be toxic just because of someone’s opinions. This rule doesn’t count for sexist/racist/general discrimination and all forms of homophobia. Though I would recommend instead of flaming, tell the user what they did wrong and ask them to delete it. If they refuse, flag it.


Here’s one to start off this topic: this forum is so off-topic, lol.


What do you mean “what they did wrong”? Is that if an opinion is wrong? (Opinions are never wrong)

I is confused


I think a lot of people think that lol. Didn’t you quit HS? Lol just wondering


I mean, if someone is homophobic or rude, then that is not okay


Okay that makes more sense


My opinion is that I feel THT kinda just threw together the sound effect part for coding (if that makes sense). I mean, shouldn’t there be dynamics and something for how the sound is produced? (Accents staccato)

I also have the opinion that I say lol too much lol


Some opinions are.


that’s the most popular opinion on the forum lol


I didn’t want to quit, but yeah, I’m not on the app anymore. My bio has more info!


The prequels are the best.

No I’m just kidding, the sequels are.


flame wars are fun :)


I’ll read it thanks!


It’s called the hopscotch forum for a reason y’all :))


It’s true though.

There’s no where to start one where I’d be right though.


But we barely use Hopscotch anymore.


Yeah, I know, that’s what a lot of people say, but in my respectful opinion, why are you in the forum if you don’t want to discuss stuff about Hopscotch or coding in general? I’m not trying to offend anyone, I’m off topic a lot too, I just wanted to raise that opinion


I do though.

It’s just a minority of what I do.


Thank you. This forum is meant for Hopscotch, not socializing. Get Discord and DM each other or something. It’s not like THT cares. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Here’s mah own unpopular opinion:
I don’t like that the iPhone coding layout was added to the iPad.