Unpopular? 10 likes OR LESS


IDK about you guys but I've had a problem with likes and views. 2 of my old projects have broke 2,000 likes which is amazing but... what happened to my new posts? I don't even get 10 likes. this may seem selfish but I work harder than ever and I can't get 10 likes....


Likes don't matter! It's the effort that counts! Don't think about likes. Be proud if how long it took you!


yeah but I want people to see my stuff like anyone else does. I'm putting a lot of work into nothing basically.


That still is ok of people don't see your things. I get 15-30 likes on each project but the people who are liking not are people like @KVJ @Maltese and sometimes @Mathgirl! Likes really don't matter


I put days of effort into my projects, idk about you but I didn't put as much effort in the past and I WAS popular. I'm not sure what happened.


People have summer break. They aren't on hopscotch. Lots of reasons. People grow out of it.


Did you chandpge your coding style? Start remixing more? Please stay! Likes aren't the most important thing about coding or hopscotch!


yeah but I've been unpopular for like, a year. a little less


I remix a tiny bit more but my style isn't really different


If you choose to be sad about your lack of likes. That is your decision. I was just trying to help


yeah I realize I just want people to see my stuff like they used to. even 30 likes I'll take but that's a big difference


If you stay on the fourm slot you could get people to check out your stuff! But you would have to be pretty active.


yeah I'll try but at the end of the day I'm procrastinating about everything :joy:


@OnceUponATime it said you tagged me hmmmm


Keep trying.... It only took me 100 projects on scratch to get views

Heh (sadface)


heh heh... heh heh heh...
Ruins while back is turned


Meh I often get 10-90 leikes and I'm very happy with it


I often get 5 so... hehe difference


I know what it's like to work really hard on a project and then not get as many likes and you were expecting. It happens to everyone! Everyone wants people to play and like their projects. All it takes is one really popular project and then everyone will be like, "This Hopscotcher made a really cool project, I'm gonna follow them so I can see more of their awesome projects!" Never give up. You never know when your project might turn out being a huge hit! :smiley:


Remember, it the end of the day it's not how many likes you get but how much you've learned. Don't worry about likes, just keep working hard and maybe you'll get more! Just don't ever give up! :slight_smile: