Unopenable draft? I think I know why!


I've been doing a few tests and I found out that whenever you crash in the editor once you press the play button of a remix, when you go back in, you find these drafts, and I found these drafts Everytime I tested

I think it's because when hopscocth crashes it goes, "oh, better save this!" But because crashes happen so quickly hopscocth only has enough time to make the draft, and not put the data in it, so I guess this results in these drafts
That you can't open.


You should probably put this in the bugs category :D


I selected it, is it not in there?


It is in the bugs category.


Then if you could use the template for the category it would help make this easier for THT :D



@Helios you must have looked at it in the newest category or maybe it didn't go through fast enough to get to you




I know but on my iPad it always jumps from one line to another so I'm like, "imma just skip the hassle and not use it"


Ok it's fine :D

I'll just tag some people I know can help

@Montoya and @thomas



Cool findings!!! :thumbsup:


Thanks @Gabe_N & @Helios, this is helpful!


I also sent you guys my crash report
The device name is "Gabriel's iPad"