Unofficial Summer Cup *Spaces are Open!*



Hello And Welcome To The Summer Cup!
I am the only judge so Try not to ask for a judge position
You are put into 3 teams called Gryffin, Dolva and Hilmby.
Each Team Decides On A Project for each member
The projects available are
•Trail Art

There are 3 Hops on a team and they will all have there own team page. They share the link with their team
I will judge your teams each project out of 50 and they are the marks.
The Competition ends on ( No Day Yet ) When All the teams are decided then I will put stuff down.


1st- Loads of likes, A follow, A Project For each member, A Animation with you included, Your own Shoutout and Another surprise project!

2nd- 30 likes, A follow And a Project of your choice and a shoutout ( Along with 3rd place)!

3rd- 10 likes, A Shoutout and a follow

They are the prizes but here is the sign up form

Sign Up!

Your Abilities with coding:
Your Weakness with coding:
HS Username:
Best Achievement:
What Catergory would you like to do?

People who've joined


Sorry about my Last few competitions they didn’t receive the amount of replies I would of liked! So That is it!



@HopedHoper Your Abilities with coding: pixel art and trail art
Your Weakness with coding: Clones
HS username: NeonPuppy413
Best Achievement: Featured!
What category would you like to do: Trail art

Could I please be put in Gryffin

Edit: First!!


My abilities with coding:cloned drawing pads, pixel and trail art
My weakness with coding: rotation, Sine, Cosine,Tanget.
My username:Purple artist :art:
Best achievement:top of trending
What category would I like to do? I think I’ll do trail art.
Oops, I don’t know why I said hufflepuff , I meant gryffin


Your Abilities with coding: Trail art ( I guess)
Your Weakness with coding: Cos & Sine
HS Username:SkyFrost
Best Achievement: Feature
What Catergory would you like to do? Trail Art



Your all in! 1 Team Sorted and 1 left over


I generated these words and Gryffin sounds like a Hogwarts house


I’d like to join if I had time XD