(Unofficial) Shooting Star 🌠 Game Competition June-July 2022

The competition has ended! Results will be announced soon!


Sorry, but last place was @dragongirl1264
Here is how your submission ranked

Shooting Stars - ignore this by Dragongirl 1264
Keep in mind that this project was unfinished

Fun- 0/30 Points. There’s no game

Game Visuals- 22/25 Points. Really good menus that look nice.

User Interface (UI)- 15/15 Points. Amazing menus with wonderful transitions and backgrounds!

Game organization- 0/15 Points. No game

Replayability- 0/10 Points. No game once again :joy:

Learning how to Play- 1/5 Points. Theres a place for learning how to play but no text

Final Score- 38/100 Points.


Keep in mind that I usually am a harsh reviewer so don’t take anything personally and all of the projects were so awesome!


4th place was… @bobinny!
Here’s your submission ranking!

Grow by bobinny
Fun- 14/30 Points. Fun at the start but gameplay starts to feel less fun after a couple minutes.

Game Visuals- 20/25 Points. Mainly uses emojis but little detail except for the growing process but has a nice minimalistic style to make it not need as much detail.

User Interface (UI)- 10/15 Points. Nice looking but no background or depth.

Game organization- 12/15 Points. Game orginization makes sense but there seems to be no clear end point,.

Replayability- 4/10 Points. I wouldn’t really feel like I would want to play it again.

Learning how to Play- 3/5 Points. Not much info on how to play but very simple with tips to help.

Final Score- 53/100 Points.


Thanks for the points for game visuals and ui, and honestly the rest of the rating is really funny :joy:


Congrats to @keeganlightning123 for making it in 3rd place!
Here is your scoring!

Zombie Attack by Keeganlightning123
Fun- 26/30 Points. Fun gameplay but not much depth.

Game Visuals- 18/25 Points. Could be more detailed but game is still enjoyable with decent graphics.

User Interface (UI)- 5/15 Points. Alright UI but no depth or backgrounds to UI.

Game organization- 10/15 Points. Not much to be orginize but no title or end screen.

Replayability- 9/10 Points. Fun to play over and over again!

Learning how to Play- 1/5 Points. No info on how to play and mildly confusing.

Final Score- 69/100 Points.


2nd place goes to… @moocow!
Here is the review…

Staring Contest by HRH

Fun- 25/30 Points. Fun to play and you can play multiple times without it feeling stale!

Game Visuals- 20/25 Points. Lots of drawn visuals but no backgrounds and not that much detail. (I really like the faces though lol)

User Interface (UI)- 7/15 Points. No hitbox around the “GO” button which makes it hard to click on no response for buttons.

Game organization- 14/15 Points. The order of menus makes sense but there is a bug with the “Play again?” button which messes with the order of menus shown but is not a big deal.

Replayability- 7/10 Points. Fun to play again to try to beat a new difficulty but after you beat them all there’s no major incentive.

Learning how to Play- 2/5 Points. No information on how to play but easy to understand after playing once or twice.

Final Score- 75/100 Points.


FIRST PLACE IS… drumroll :drum: :drum: :drum: @creationsofavillager!
Wow, I’m very impressed with this game! Even for being unfinished it still takes the cake!

Dodge THE BEAR - unfinished by Creation Productions

Fun- 22/30 Points. Pretty fun gameplay! Could use some more depth though.

Game Visuals- 18/25 Points. Could be more detailed but gets the job done and doesn’t look bad by any means.

User Interface (UI)- 12/15 Points. Good looking UI but could use a bit more polishing.

Game organization- 12/15 Points. Menus make sense but there isn’t enough

Replayability- 9/10 Points. Fun to replay again and again!

Learning how to Play- 5/5 Points. Easy to understand and very good instructions.

Final Score- 78/100 Points.


Thanks lol, sorry that you came in last but still a great score for a menu!


No, it’s fine lol, I don’t care. Everybody else’s game was either finished or almost finished anyway.


@StarlightStudios could you link the projects? I’d really like to give them a play!


Now time for the prizes!!! @me @Ntt @creationsofavillager @Dragongirl1264 @Friday @Dolphin_Blast you signed up to give prizes so please reach out to first, second, and third to provide them with the prizes! And @/Fearlesspheonix can you please give the community comp badges when you have the chance (hopefully they’re the person I’m supposed to tag)


They are, but since they’re on break, you can tag another mod, like @Pumpkin!

Aand for my prizes, I’m not gonna tag because you were just tagged, but congrats winners! Could you please give me your requests sometime soon?


Yep! Here they are;


(Not in any order)


Also @/leaders please don’t close this until I know people have their prizes all figured out.


yep, that’s the policy :)) just give us a tag when everything’s fully done


Ok, thanks!


If you were in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd please get your certificates here!

I would recommend putting them in your game’s thumbnail so people know that you have a good game!


guess these are connected! can you give me some details, who’s receiving them?

on a side note - just saw the certificates, they’re adorable!


Thanks! The users on the certificates are the users that need to receive the badges. (Gold is first silver for second and bronze for third please!)