Unofficial Merchandise Suggestions

Welcome to my :one:st topic!

The Hopscotch Swag Center is a website in which people 18 years or older or have permission from a parent/guardian can purchase official Hopscotch merchandise! There are T-shirts, tote bags, iPhone pouches, and other goodies to be found there. :smiley::sunglasses:

I created this topic so that hopscotchers like YOU could make suggestions for products to be featured on the Swag Center. While this topic is completely unofficial, The Hopscotch Team may take your suggestions into account if they drop by…

Have fun posting ideas! -GM64 :mushroom:


what is this

I explained it at the top of the post. It’s basically a topic where you can suggest ideas for Hopscotch merchandise.

is this allowed @TheCMStudios, or any other leaders

ok…still dont get it

What do you not understand about it?

Nice idea :+1:
I suggest an iOS sock
Hmm, shoes maybe
(Lol I don’t think tht will actually sell this stuff)

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I just knew that there’s a sock emoji

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Nice idea! I own a few pieces of swag myself and I’d love to see more available. It’s a great idea, this topic, but if you have any ideas, I think it’s best to drop them at the official topic for the swag center, which is here:

As everything that could be posted in this topic could be posted at the official one above, I’m going to close this, but I encourage you all to reply to the official swag center topic with your suggestions!