[Unofficial] Beginners Guide to Coding!

I know you are making a beginners guide

But it sounds like a pro guide



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This section is now outdated, since there is now an update feature.

New Update Section

Have you ever seen a project that had features added without remixing? That’s called updating!

Updating your gaming is quite important, if you want to make new features or fix any bugs (things that aren’t working correctly), or just tweak (change) already existing features, you can update your game! Just go into your project, add/change/fix the features that you want to be changed/added/fixed and press the button. When a menu pops up, press publish an update. Do whatever you want with the title, and you are done!

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Nice topic—really highlights the basics needed for beginners to start becoming experts!

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Just a little update:

You can also create a game that matches the theme of the time of year that it was published in; For Example, If it was spring, you could make a flower-related project. If it was around Christmas, you could make a holiday project.

To be honest, I don’t really think adding an introductions menu is optional, it’s more of a required thing or people won’t know how to play your game.