[Unofficial] Beginners Guide to Coding!

Welcome to the Unofficial beginners guide to coding!

This topic will be teaching a beginner (If you are reading this, I assume you are a beginner)

Before we get in to this, a couple rules.

  1. Stay on topic.
  2. Do not use this as a chatting topic.
  3. Follow the community guidelines, like you should anywhere on the forum.

Alright, on to the guide.

Project Ideas
It might be hard to think of a name of idea of your projects. Here are some steps to make a unique game.
Think of games on the App Store. Which would you like to recreate in hopscotch?

Making a good project
As a beginner, you need experience to make a good project. This isn’t a pro guide, this is a beginner guide.

Try to make a good main menu, a good shortcut for adding objects is making a rule for them then adding them to new objects you add to the menu. You can do the same thing with the game. In the main menu, you can also add a how to play, or even a “what’s new” if you want! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Making a good name

The name says it all. Here’s a guide to create a good name for your project.

You can rhyme, make a short pun, make an alliteration (Tounge Twister) or you can even make a short summary of the game!


Have you ever seen a hopscotched post the same game but with a (1._) on it and more features? Yep, that’s called updating!

If you decide to update your game, make sure to get rid of any bugs (features that do not work correctly) and possibly add new features. And most important of all, make sure you let your fellow hopscotchers know that this is a different experience, so add 1._ to your title! The number in the blank is the version of the game minus 1! So if it was the third version of the game, Mark it (Game Name) 1.2! or something among those lines.

You might say this is very short, but at least a beginner can understand it!


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