Unnecessary topic



It's been a long time since we met Senpai!


Also it has been :3 :3


Oh I know this isn't coding but maybe draw?


I'm really bad at it but I'll give it a try


Omg, do you go to my school? Lol



Ohhhhh yes I will come here everyday bc I'm bored everyday!
Anyone feel free to chat here or on my general topic?!


Hack Google here lol XD http://antigravitygoogle.com


No, but I read somewhere where you live xD
I don't live in SC


How did you find my location xD


I read it somewhere xD


Where, tell me where, I want to know lol


When you were talking to tacocode I think


Oh ok, lol he reavealed the location


Hai bored peeps!
Dets bump dis up


Ha-Ha okay lol sorry for late reply


Hai bored peeps come to dis topic plZ this is bored mania and u will love it!!
You get cookies if u come here


Hello, I'm boreeeeedddddd!


K come to my topic I'll tag u there!


Anybody on and just wanna talk XD


Me is
Anyone here